The perfect purse

The perfect purse, she is elusive. She has an outside pocket so the key card is easily accessible each morning. She stands up even after she is thrown on the floor, the desk, the counter, the table. She handles it well when she is hung on the hook, the spindle, the back of the chair, the arm, the elbow, the... Continue Reading →

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Great Falls

“There is no way this is happening to me,” Roman thought, even as it was—irrevocably, unfairly, totally—happening to him. “The university regrets to inform you …” read the message on the submission portal, and you can guess the rest. “I did everything they wanted me to do,” he told his counselor. “I was even in... Continue Reading →

Cellar Dweller

Twelve years old, a responsible boy. He crept down into the musty basement, searching for hidden cookies. BANG! The door slammed shut. Quick, up the stairs. Too cold! The door's stuck. POP! The dim bulb zapped dark. Fast heartbeats. Desperate to leave. No light! Can't see. Be small, be still. Cave crickets, shadows and spiderwebs... Continue Reading →

Island Girl / Jersey Girl

What is the difference between “a place you live” and “a home”? I’m an Island girl and the long Newport Bridge carries me home to Aquidneck Island. When the pungent smell of rotten red seaweed hits my nose, I roll down the windows and take deep breaths. A salty mist settles softly on my skin.... Continue Reading →

Family tree

The family tree project my eight year old son made in school hangs in a place of prominence above his desk. He proudly points it out to guests and tells them about the important parts. He traces up the branches back through three generations of couples, starting with his picture, at the bottom of the... Continue Reading →

Fanny’s Curse: Published

Fanny’s Curse started as a contest entry and look where it ended up. I love the artwork. The editor was lovely to work with. Published on August 04, 2019 by Enchanted Conversation Magazine.

How Grandma got a new oven

Grandma hugs and Grandma Cookies are some of the best things in the world. Grandma mixes in love when she bakes. One day in December, Grandma made banana bread for her bridge group. She was sorely disappointed in the results. "A dense, hard brick," she poked angrily at the solid loaf that came out of... Continue Reading →

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